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IC and OOC Updates

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Just to help keep people on the same page, I thought I should post the following:

  • IC: Craftsecond Trogdora (NPC) was quietly transferred with little fanfare to a new post at Crom Hold to specialize in new mineral extraction tools. No successor has yet been named.

  • IC: A few senior apprentices are cramming for their oral exams which are scheduled within the next month or so. (If your character is a sr. apprentice and you think it is his/her time to take the orals, please @send Teric ASAP or wait for the end of spring.)

  • IC: The Turn's End Gather is coming up quickly (OOCly this weekend!) and will be held at Ista Hold. The Istan Smith Hall will be hosting a Smith Booth and offer a variety of entertainments, including a dunking tank, footraces, ironwork puzzles and so on, culminating in a fireworks display. (If you have more ideas, please @send *smithstaff ASAP.) This celebration is expected to be particularly spectacular due to the end of Threadfall.

  • OOC: I have yet to post the finished revamp of the promotion scheme. In summary, apprentices advance through the display of role-play activity and IC merit. Proof must be provided in the shape of logs via e-mail unless displayed online in a blog or webpage. Links to the later should be displayed in your character's @plan (@notedit me.plan). If e-mailing, please @send Teric for the correct e-mail address.

    Advancement from journeyman to sr. journeyman will be based on merit and the number of IC Turns spent as a journeyman. Advancement from journeyman to master requires a master's project.

    If you have any questions on these, please @send Teric or *smithstaff.

  • OOC: Insta-rank applications are still being accepted. There are a large number of open posts and role-play opportunities. Please @send *smithstaff for more details.

This will be posted on *smith, with cross-posts of pertinent information to *leaders and *announcements.

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