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OOC Post - New Promotion System [Final Edits]

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OOC Post - New Promotion System [Final Edits]

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The following information, pending staff approval, will set as new helpfiles and definitions. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please @send Teric.

(The formatting will be better on the game. I don't have time IRL today to put in all the extra spaces to make it pretty in HTML.)

'help smith promotions'

The primary reason for this promotion system is to promote RP and activity without constricting creativity. In order for our craft be active and grow, we need an environment where RP is allowed, encouraged, and rewarded.

Promotion will rely more heavily on the players' individual levels of interest, initiative, and activity, along with Staff's judgment.


Requires a combination of IC requirements and OOC activity:
* IC requirements include a character's age and competence. (Please see below.)
* OOC activity includes RP (logged and posted to a webpage/blog/journal), submitted descriptions for craft-related items, areas, and events, and/or TP participation either on-camera or behind-the-scenes, which must be documented on a webpage/blog/journal.


Apprentices will be promoted based on the number of IC Turns spent in the craft *unless* their skills are insufficient, which would be at the discretion of the apprentice character's player. To qualify as a full IC Turn, the character must ICly join the Craft before half that term has passed at mid-winter, and ICly they must have been able to make up the time between the beginning of the term (first sevenday in autumn) and the time they joined. (i.e. It must be believable for that character.)

At the end of every IC term (end of spring), qualifying apprentices must meet the following time requirements in order to be considered for promotion to the next rank:

Jr. Apprentice to Apprentice - 1 Turn (3 RL months)
Apprentice to Sr. Apprentice - 2 Turns (6 RL months)
Sr. Apprentice to Journeyman - 1 Turn (3 RL months)


Advancement from Senior Apprentice to Journeyman requires Staff approval. Staff will evaluate both the IC requirements listed above plus the general involvement and activity of the player. (i.e., if the character has been around for 5+ full Turns as an Apprentice and is a complete genius, but the player has NOT been active in RP and/or Craft activities, Staff may still deny the promotion to Journeyman.)

In addition, the player must display that he/she either has knowledge of what a Smith would ICly know, or must demonstrate that he/she knows how to find that knowledge via text sources or the Internet. (We don't want a journeyman running around saying his special iron will never rust because he once rubbed chalk on it or something. We're not looking for thesis papers, just a display of basic awareness.)

From Journeyman onward, there will be no more automatic promotions, aside from a possible promotion to Senior Journeyman following at least 10 Turns of excellent, active service as a Journeyman and pending Staff approval.


Promotion to the rank of Master will be at the discretion of Staff. It will be awarded only for specific involvement by the player (a large TP or Smith-related project, for example), plus the merit of the character. Any such involvement should be submitted to *smithstaff for approval before beginning any IC work towards a Mastery.

On-camera oral exams are required for promotion to Journeyman and Master.

Any player who believes their character should advance a rank needs to @send *smithstaff with their request, including their reasons for the request. (Time in craft, character's ability, player activity, etc.) Promotions even at the Apprentice levels are NOT automatic. If you do not @send, your character does not advance.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns, please @send *smithstaff.

'help smith age limits'


There is no maximum age at which characters can join the Smithcraft as an apprentice. This includes riders joining during the Internal, whether they are rejoining the craft where they left off (based on an IC aptitude test as decided by the player and Staff), or as a new apprentice.

There is a minimum age of 14 for a Junior Apprentice, due to the physical requirements for a Smith. A certain level of development and maturity are essential to the safety of an apprentice and those around him/her. However, should characters wish to join the craft before they are 14, they could join as a probationary apprentice; they would ICly help with light chores to earn their keep while attending basic classes (similar to AP courses with boarding). They may also be invited to partake in more advanced classes, should the teacher so wish. Once a probationary apprentice turns 14, he/she would be able to take part in the hands-on classes and workshops, pending IC approval (on-camera interview with Journeyman+). If it is decided (by the player) they should begin as a Junior Apprentice at the beginning of the next term, they may still remain at the Crafthall and continue their basic studies. This would most likely depend on when they turn 14, and at what level they are both physically and mentally.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns, please @send *smithstaff.

'help smith apprentice'


Turn 1 - Junior Apprentice
Introductory and safety classes, basic hands-on workshops, basic first aid

Turn 2 - Apprentice
More in-depth look at basics learned as a Junior Apprentice
Will begin looking at possible specialties based on performance and interests

Turn 3 - Apprentice
With guidance from teachers, will choose specialty by mid-term
Increased study within specialty of choice
Mentor to be chosen by end of term based on specialty and availability

Turn 4 - Senior Apprentice
Will work daily with mentor or a Journeyman or above within specialty, possibly posted
Classes and workshops geared toward giving apprentice skills necessary to work as an independent journeyman (Journeyman level metal- and wood-crafting)
At the end of term, with recommendation from mentor, will be tested on skills and knowledge for Journeyman's knot and given a public oral exam.

'help smith journeyman'


A journeyman is a member of the craft who has displayed the skills necessary to work independently outside the Craft Hall. Regardless of specialty, a journeyman needs to have consistent, dependable skills in metal-crafting and wood-crafting in order to do repairs and basic commissions at their post, or to assess whether work needs to be referred to a specialist.

Journeymen should also have the capabilities to manage their post in regards to workflow and any Smith associates or apprentices posted under their direction.

Most Smiths would spend the majority of their career at the rank of Journeyman, or possibly Senior Journeyman. The rank of Senior Journeyman is honorary, earned after ten Turns or more of excellent service at the rank of Journeyman. It may override normal veteran status. (i.e. Senior Journeyman Abby with fifteen Turns of service would technically outrank Journeyman Bob with twenty Turns of service. Though Abby may choose to defer to Bob, if she does NOT so choose, Bob MUST defer to Abby's decision.)

A Journeyman might not be awarded the rank of Senior Journeyman in the event that character has done nothing to deserve it ICly. (Examples: only part-time involvement, only mediocre skills and products, or a history of insubordination or shoddy craftsmanship, etc.) Such decisions are ICly left to the board of Masters, and OOCly to Staff.

A rank of Senior Journeyman is NOT required before a promotion to Master. A journeyman character can decide to study for a mastery in the Smithcraft at any time following their promotion to journeyman, provided he/she has the IC approval to begin such studies, since that would take away time from active smithing.

'help smith master'


A master is a member of the Smithcraft who has displayed exceptional knowledge and skill within one or more specialties. This rank is usually awarded following a project or thesis, though it may also be awarded following an outstanding demonstration of expertise.

Once a member has been promoted to Master, they are automatically added to the Board of Masters within the craft. The Board is called upon occasionally to choose a new craftmaster, to settle certain disputes, to plan for future expansions or craft-wide projects, or at the discretion of the current craftmaster.

An on-camera oral exam is required for promotion to Master.
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