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09:52 PM
Logfile from Laeri.

Smith's Area

Although smaller than other areas within the Weyr, the cavern is large and spacious enough to provide ample room for all manner of smithing. Northeast of the doorway, an enormous forge dominates one quarter of the north rock wall, designating the space for all manner of metallurgy. Toward the south end of the room, wood shavings curl amongst the piles of carefully stacked wood, and continually elude even the most diligent apprentice. However, the most noticeable characteristic of this otherwise utilitarian space is the organized chaos of Journeymen and Apprentices working together in their tasks.

Gliding about are two firelizards.

You see Spice rack and WeyrForge here.

Pidgery is here.

Obvious exits:

Craft Areas Apprentice Dorms Rooms

Laeri is working diligently. ...or just sketching idle doodles on the margin of his notebook while his gaze drifts in lazy fashion out ahead of him. Studying blues? You might say.

Pidgery can be heard some moments before he's actually seen, curtly directing a sullen teenaged apprentice as she drags in a load of driftwood. Behind her comes the weyrsmith himself, shouldering a substantial-looking log, his progress slowed by its awkward length and weight as he navigates the last corner. Settling it at last, he spies Laeri. "Hello there," he calls jovially as the girl mutters a sarcastic, "/There/ you are." Pidgery ignores her, leaves the log where it lies, and crosses the work area to see what Laeri is working on, stopping just short of leaning over the notebook.

The notebook which Laeri quickly closes, opting to stand instead, "You guys need help?" Now that the log's made it into the smithy? Yeah. He's generous alright. A quick grin is offered to the older man before Laeri makes to lean against the table, arms crossing over his chest. "I was just studying," he offers then by way of excuse. It's a good one, isn't it?

The apprentice drops her load, the seasoned wood clattering almost musically on the stone floor. "Yeah, you can take it from here," she snaps, twisting a bit to stretch sore back muscles. Pidgery ignores her, glancing at the cover of the notebook thoughtfully before turning to nod at Laeri. "It'll be fine where it is. Amara can stack that bundle." He ignores the dramatic sigh, too. "How are your studies coming?"

"Ah--" To be truthful or fib. "Alright." Fibbing it is! "Well." Maybe not? "I don't know. I can't really concentrate. I mean, I know my stuff, but like, trying to study it's kind of futile. I just get distracted. But, you could definitely quiz me if you want. I'm confident," Laeri assures him, though attention has since drifted towards the young woman, smirking in the slightest.

Pidgery looks amused for a second before he turns the expression a bit more thoughtful by scrubbing at his chin with the fingers of one hand. "Well. I always did better with practice than with theory myself," he admits. "What have you been working on lately?"

"Actually--" Laeri pauses, leans back, and reaches for a large hide to hand over. "I borrowed this from the harpers. I've been approached by a rider" his friend, no less "with a commission." For a gitar. "Aaaand, I was thinking, if I combine forces with a harper, perhaps, that I might actually be able to accomplish this task since otherwise, I'd be staring at this plan for a good turn before I figure anything out. What'cha think?"

Pidgery takes the hide and frowns at it. "Looks fairly advanced," he remarks mildly. Amara sidles closer and tries to get a peek at the plans, but Pidgery makes no effort to make them more visible to the girl. Undaunted, she skirts behind him to try another angle; Pidgery ignores her. "But it could be a good project." He nods thoughtfully at the plans, pausing to aim a speculative glance at Laeri. "I can guide you on the carving and joinery, but you're right, you'll need a Harper. Did you have anyone particular in mind?"

"I know," Laeri nods quickly as he chews on his bottom lip. "Which is why I like it. I know it'll be a long term project--but I think I can handle it. Even if it takes a turn to actually make, y'know? But I'd definitely love if you can help me with it." That's what mentors are for, right? "I don't," he then replies, clamping his hands on his hips as he shakes his head. "I was thinking of scoping them out. Maybe suggesting the whole idea to the Weyrharper to see if she has anyone interested in helping."

Pidgery frowns thoughtfully. "If you're willing to take as much time as you need to do the work properly -- and the rider who commissioned it doesn't mind waiting -- I don't see a problem." He passes the hide back to Laeri, as Amara idly crosses behind to see if she can get a look. Nevermind that it's probably been right there for days -- until the Weyrsmith takes an interest, she couldn't have been bothered. "Let me know what she says," he continues, presumably speaking of the Weyrharper now.

"I will. And thank you," Laeri says, rolling the hide up before waving it in the air. It's then set back on the table while Amara's given a more than curious look. No, no, it's a weird look. Definitely a weird look. "Do you recommend a certain type of wood for it?"

"There you'll have to consult a harper." Pidgery smiles and folds his arms across his chest. "Unless you don't care what it sounds like -- but I suspect you do, or you'd be making a piece of furniture." It may turn out to be Just Decorative as it is, but we won't go there. Amara, for her part, eyes Laeri malevolently before sulking off to the abandoned load of driftwood, which she begins noisily stacking.

Laeri smirks, shrugging indifferently. "Not like she's paying me for it." At least he doesn't expect her to, anyway. "I've done enough furniture though--footstool, spice rack. I'm a pro!" With that, Laeri stifles a yawn up against his wrist, "I think, if you don't mind, I'm gonna call it a night. My brain is fried beyond belief." Not that Laeri -actually- accomplished any studying, but that's alright. "Thanks again, Pidgery." He deserves a cookie or something.
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