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Logs from the Smithcraft

Smithcraft of Harper's Tale
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This is a community for the Smithcraft of Harper's Tale. It is primarily for the posting of role-play logs, which are necessary for promotion. A link to the updated promotion structure will be posted here in the near future.

Posting can be done one of two ways:
1. Post to your own character's LiveJournal, then post to this community with a link to your post. To do this, use
<a href="http://the.web.address.for.your.log">Link Text</a>.

2. Post directly to this community. If choosing this option, please remember to use the "LJ-Cut" tag. You can simply use
<lj-cut>(log entry)</lj-cut>
or if you would like to include an LJ-cut Title, use
<lj-cut text="Your LJ-cut Title Here">(log entry)</lj-cut>.
If there are any questions on this, please contact Teric on HT.

LiveJournal accounts can be created for free at This Site. A suggestion for the journal user name is ht_character. For example, mine is ht_teric. When that is done, come back to this site and click the "Join This Community" link.